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We are a full service wellness center that provides orthopedic deep tissue massage therapy, sports massage and Kinesio Taping as well as various therapeutic treatments  and classes.  

Our Team

“Jon was great, plan on going back monthly.  Highly Recommended!"


-Kevin Folty

“ Best deep muscle relief!”


-Cheryle Foley Williams

Clinical Massage Therapy


Whats New

At Pro Muscle Care, therapeutic massage in Peru, we pride ourselves in being leaders in the industry focusing on sports massage, therapeutic deep muscle therapy, chronic pain, and muscle pain with an emphasis on deep tissue.  All of our Massage Therapists have advanced experience and training in most areas.  We are continually learning cutting edge techniques and therapies to help you recover more efficiently and quickly.

As of 11/2018 we will be offering Integrative Health Coaching packages.

Living an active, pain free life is more than just a dream, it's a reality. Through advanced assessment and testing we develop a personalized treatment plan to return your body to peak performance and decrease or eliminate pain.

The secret is listening to your body and giving it what it needs.  Too often we focus on fixing the symptoms and don't even see the cause.  By going to the root and eliminating the cause of the pain and dysfunction, permanent recovery and healing can begin.  So.......what does your body have to say?

“So happy I met Jennifer :).  A month before my half marathon I began to have knee problems and couldn't run past 6 miles.  Went to Jen 2 times.  She helped me out tremendously and gave me some pointers on how to help with my training.  I finished my race with no problems! Thanks again.”


-Missy Coleman

“ Jennifer is fantastic.  I feel wonderful when I leave!! ”


-Julie Henkel

“ Best health advise.  My body feels in top shape”


-Craig Liby

What Clients Say About Us

We will be welcoming new staff aboard over the next couple months, try out all of our therapists.

Pure Essential Oils

We are now officially offering Kinesio Taping for pain and injury recovery