Neck and Shoulder Dysfunction - Jen, Shannon

Back Pain and Dysfunction -  Jennifer, Jen, Shannon

Legs and feet - Jennifer, Jen, Shannon

Arms and Hands - Shannon,Jen, Jennifer

Pelvic/Hip/Lower Back Issues - Jennifer, Jen


Migraines/Tension Headaches- Shannon,  Jen

Specialized Stretching  - Jennifer, Jen 

Sports Massage - Shannon, Jennifer

Prenatal Bodywork -  Jen

Cupping and Lymphatic Work - Jennifer, Jen, Shannon

Kinesio Taping - Jennifer, Jen

Meet our Therapists Therapeutic Massage in Peru

Jennifer began her massage career in 1999 after graduating from Waubonsee College in Sugar Grove.  Spending most of her career working primarily in chiropractic and sports medicine, she continued her education to become a certified medical massage practitioner. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago,  she opened Pro Muscle Care in the spring of 2013 with the hopes of helping people recover from chronic injuries and pain conditions in the local community.

Although Jennifer works on the entire body, her strengths lie in lower body work with specialty practice in sciatica, piriformis syndrome,  pelvic stabilitzation and leg work.  Using many techniques including deep tissue, myofascial release, Muscle Energy Techniques and ROM stretching. 

Sports massage is also a passion of Jennifer's.  She is skilled at pre and post event massage, including recovery and cryotherapy.   Being a triathlete, she has has the personal experience to be able to help all athletes, especially runners, cyclist, and swimmers.

Jennifer has recently become certified in Kinesio Taping and has completing her degree in Dietetics through University of Northern Colorado as well as recently graduating from the Institute of Integrative Nurtition and becoming certified as an Integrative  Nutrition Health Coach specializing in food addictions and binge eating disorder.  

Jennifer loves anything outdoors  and adventurous including cycling, hiking, rock climbing snowboarding  and riding on the Harley with her husband. 

LMT, MMP, CKTP (Owner of Pro Muscle Care)

The reason I became a massage therapist was to help people. I try to educate my clients, help
them manage their pain from every day life and work related tensions. I provide an
understanding of why their shoulders may feel tense, why their neck hurts or why their sciatic
nerve keeps flaring up. Stress is real. It can do major damage to your body if not addressed
properly. My expertise can eliminate stress, increase blood flow which will release positive
chemicals in the brain to help you relax naturally. With dedication and consistency your
carpal tunnel, arthritis pain, sciatic nerve pain or any other aches and pains from everyday life will be worked away with my massage knowledge. This is my promise to you to help you feel better.

Start a new plan in life. Feel great again. Get your body back!
I have been a massage therapist for almost a decade. I specialize in deep theraputic muscle
massage, glide cupping, stretching muscles and trigger point releases. All you need to do is
make an appointment with me. Let me release your pain, stress and help you relax and manage
your body more efficiently. We can start a program together that fits your schedule. All you
need to do is make the call.

Who Should I see for my needs?

Jen's passion has always been to help people. That became even more apparent after going to massage school. Jen graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Physiology in 1997. She became a Reiki II Practitioner in 2004. She continued her education at The Sanctuary School of Therapeutic Massage and Energy Medicine in Glen Ellyn, IL in 2007. She has seen the benefits of the mind-body connection. Her unique skills combine energy work, deep tissue, Myofascial work, Cupping and stretching.
Jen has continued her work with industry leaders and offers Pre-Natal massage, Floating Joint, Sports Massage & Trigger Point Therapy. Her professional goals in the next year are to become a Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist and become certified in Cupping Therapy.    If you are experiencing neck/shoulder/upper back issues, Jen offers very detailed work to help relieve chronic pain issues. 
Jen enjoys being outdoors & active, yoga, thrift shopping, flipping houses and spending time with her two daughters.


Shannon Liss, LMT