Relaxation Swedish - Melissa,  Jennifer, Taylor

Neck and Shoulder Dysfunction -, Melissa, Taylor

Back Pain and Dysfunction -  Jennifer

Legs and feet - Jennifer, Melissa

Arms and Hands - Melissa, Jennifer

Pelvic/Hip/Lower Back Issues - Jennifer


Migraines/Tension Headaches- Taylor,  Melissa

Specialized Stretching  - Jennifer, Melissa 

Sports Massage - Melissa, Jennifer

Prenatal Bodywork -  Taylor, Melissa

Cupping and Lymphatic Work - Taylor, Melissa, Jennifer 

Kinesio Taping - Jennifer, Melissa

Meet our Therapists Therapeutic Massage in Peru

Jennifer began her massage career in 1999 after graduating from Waubonsee College in Sugar Grove.  Spending most of her career working primarily in chiropractic and sports medicine, she continued her education to become a certified medical massage practitioner. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago,  she opened Pro Muscle Care in the spring of 2013 with the hopes of helping people recover from chronic injuries and pain conditions in the local community.

Although Jennifer works on the entire body, her strengths lie in lower body work with specialty practice in sciatica, piriformis syndrome,  pelvic stabilitzation and leg work.  Using many techniques including deep tissue, myofascial release, Muscle Energy Techniques and ROM stretching. 

Sports massage is also a passion of Jennifer's.  She is skilled at pre and post event massage, including recovery and cryotherapy.   Being a triathlete, she has has the personal experience to be able to help all athletes, especially runners, cyclist, and swimmers.

Jennifer has recently become certified in Kinesio Taping and has been furthering her education in Ayurvedic Medicine for the last year.   At the end of 2015, she will be adding Ayurvedic treatments and Panchakarma to her practice in addition to the therapies she is currently using.  

Jennifer loves anything outdoors  and adventurous including cycling, hiking, rock climbing snowboarding  and riding on the Harley with her husband. 

LMT, MMP, CKTP (Owner of Pro Muscle Care)


Taylor Beck, LMT

Melissa always has a smile on her face with a positive outlook on life. She is the type of person who loves helping people especially athletes or clients with particular problem areas. Besides working here she is also employed at a chiropractor’s office.  Melissa is a natural born athlete. She started playing softball at the age of 8 till now, volley ball from grade school through high school and still plays sand volley ball during the summer seasons. In her upper 20s she found her new passion and that was running. She is currently training for her 3rd half marathon in May of 2016. She also found  obstacle/mud races to be quit fun. She has run in many of these races in the past few years; Spartan, dirt runner, warrior dashes, foam runs, color run, diva dash and even a 25 miles late night bicycle race in Chicago.  She graduated from IVCC December of 2015. Before graduation she took classe  in Kinesio taping.  She finds it beneficial to her and her clients. Melissa's strenghts are in  sports massage, deep tissue, and myofascial techniques. She is looking forward to getting certified in trigger point therapy and myofascial. On her off time she enjoys, working out, hiking, biking, running, kayaking…. Well put it this way anything out side that keeps you active. 

I am a very upbeat, outgoing person. I like spending time outside walking my dogs or doing something fun to keep myself busy. Some of my hobbies include playing volleyball, hiking, swimming, and camping.
I wanted to become a massage therapist because I love helping people and I've always been interested in anatomy and how the body works and massage is a great way to combine both of those. I took the introduction to therapeutic massage class at IVCC and I was hooked. I would also like to get certified in sports massage, myofascial release, and trigger point therapy. In the future I would like to pursue a career in sports medicine.

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